Saturday, June 16, 2012

Treasures of Forbidden City

                  The Forbidden City is so massive and has several courtyards , you enter a courtyard to be led to another one that looks almost the same as the last one. If all that was left in the palace was just the courtyards surrounded by walls then there's nothing much to see. But when I did some research about the palace I learned that there's a section that contains some interesting artifacts of various types including ceramics ,jewelry, paintings , jade sculptures , and bronzes. I paid an additional fee of 10 RMB to see these interesting collection. I was surprised that there were ceramics as old as a thousand years.The jewelry worn by the royalties were also on display and not just ordinary jewelry but really expensive ones like diamonds.Since there are thousands of artifacts in the Forbidden City the exhibits are changing from time to time so don't waste your time looking for those items that you've seen on this blog that might not be on display at the time that you visit the palace .There were so many things to see and of course so little time.
phoenix crown

I didn't know what this was but believe it or not it was labeled "pillow".


golden globe
This sculpture is made out of jade and is taller than me.


  1. I never had a chance to see this special museum section Wangfujing... They seem so expensive especially that crown on the first pic!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have never visited the Forbidden City! I wish I will be able to visit it one day! How do you talk to the locals there? You know how to speak Mandarin?

  3. nice , mga mamahaling mga bagay.