Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kanpai Kansai! : My Pinoy Passport Gets Stamped in Japan

                      I just came back from a trip to Osaka and Kyoto which are both part of the Kansai region.Aside from being the cultural and historical center of Japan there was something else that I wanted to see and experience in those cities,actually it was the main reason why I decided to go there. I waited for so long for the autumn season to see the leaves change to bright colors. All I can say is it's worth the long wait.I will write about my experiences in Japan. In the meantime I'm just so excited to share some of the photos taken during my recent trip,photos that are commonly associated with Japan.

Autumn Hues at a Japanese Garden

Bullet Train

Geisha? I doubt.
A popular Japanese TV station,NHK
Torii Gates


  1. Wow, you're blooming like the autumn colors! :) That's still in my bucket list - to see the countryside aflame in reds and yellows.

    Looking forward to reading about your experiences. Thanks for the feedback, Melvin!

  2. Very fortunate of you to have been able to visit Japan. I've been there 10 times in the past but only for lay-overs haha! I wish to one day be able to come back and explore beyond the confines of the airport.

    And like you, I enjoy seeing the sensational hues that the fall season brings. Where I come from, the surroundings instantly turn romantic as soon as Autumn arrives.

  3. How long did you stay in Japan? Maybe you can publish your itinerary :) What would be good sites to visit in the Osaka Kyoto Area since we are also planning a trip there. Thanks much!