Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Aptly Named Tinuy-an Falls

                We made the right decision of visiting Enchanted River first before going to Tinuy-an Falls.I realized it after our day trip to Surigao del Sur. We didn't expect that it would take so long to get to Tinuy-an falls in Bislig City from Hinatuan where the Enchanted River is located. After lunch at the river we drove to the famous falls. The travel time from Hinatuan to the city center of Bislig only took less than an hour but it was the trip to the falls from the city that we had to endure and took longer than expected. The road from the highway to the falls was dusty and full of sharp rocks which didn't please my dad at all who was the designated driver. It's worse than the road going to Enchanted River. The local officials of these places should do something about it because these places have so much potential . I realized then why the falls is called Tinuy-an.In Cebuano "tinuyuan" means "intentional" and despite its location and the road conditions people still have the intention to visit the place.
Road to Bislig                                       
                    Since we'd gone that far there was no turning back but even before we could reach the place my dad was already calculating how much time was left for our trip back. By the time we reached the falls at 2:30 PM my dad just wanted us to have our picture taken and leave.He kept rushing us. Had we visited the falls first, we would not have enough time left to enjoy the clearer and bluer water of Enchanted River which would have been a huge disappointment because though the falls look majestic (said to be the widest in the Philippines) the water in its base is not so inviting.It kind'a looks green. But still, seeing the gushing water from the falls so unusually wide mesmerized me and was worth all the trouble.

TIP: To those who plan to visit the falls you may try going there in the morning around 9AM to noon if you wanna see a rainbow over the falls.



  1. Your post reminds me of my first experience of seeing a falls - it a "ahhh moment" Well Tinuy-an Falls is a beautiful as well. I noticed, most falls are likely hard to find and most are hidden like you to get on a rough road, trail or hike or go to endless stairs just to reach it. But in the end, its a rewarding sight to see.

  2. sulit sya sa hirap ng daan papunta.thanks mustachio.

  3. ganda ng falls na to pics palang nakakamangha na, i hope i could visit this place someday :)