Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Autumn Hues

                                 One of the reasons I chose to go to Japan last November was the autumn season. I wanted to experience it . I wanted to be in a Japanese garden or park surrounded with trees taking on the autumn hues of yellow,red and orange.Living in the Philippines all my life, I thought it would be a welcome change from the lush green surroundings i'm used to all year round.
                                   When I was planning the trip I made a mistake of booking a ticket a week ahead of the" peak " of the autumn leaves.A website mentioned that the leaves would display the brightest autumn colors during mid November in Japan so I decided to leave on the second week.The site failed to mention though that it could actually vary by location.In higher altitudes leaves actually turn to autumn colors earlier.In Kansai region where I was going the peak unfortunately is in the third week of November. buwiset! I didn't want to rebook because the fee would cost me almost half the price of the round trip tickets I purchased. I kept on searching for places that might peak earlier than Osaka and Kyoto but they were far. I was anxiously reading forecasts everyday leading to my trip(yes,it's like the weather there are forecasts online and I think even on TV)hoping there would be changes as it happened in the past where leaves would turn to bright colors earlier depending on how hot the summer was in Japan that year. I found out later that there is a place in the outskirts of Kyoto that might peak earlier than in the Central area. The place is called Arashiyama. I spent half a day exploring the beautiful rural town.Though I loved the place I just don't have the time now to write  much about it so I posted here pictures taken from Arashiyama.

Another mistake, I visited Arashiyama during a weekend
The tough cart-pulling men of Kyoto

Doing it rain or shine
At the entrance of one of the many temples in Arashiyama.Temples are found in every corner just like the rest of Kyoto
Statues in front of another temple. Take note of their different expressions
I'm afraid to put a caption on these...although I have lots in mind

Tenryuji temple, a world heritage site

Another thing that Arashiyama is famous for is the bamboo grove and as I was searching for it I came across this cemetery
Crouching Tiger hidden....?Finally I found the Bamboo grove

I stopped a monk cleaning in the bamboo grove area to take a picture of his dustpan

I'll be back Arashiyama. See you during spring.


  1. wow! i love the autumn colors. good thing you didnt give up and wasted the trip ;-)

  2. Wow! Hang ganda naman...i bet you spent ample time thinking saan ka makaka kita ng autumn colors. Achieve naman ata....the statues are interesting!...:)


  3. Arashiyama is so beautiful. Never mind na muna the cherry blossoms. You can always go back, so better do your research first hehe

  4. Ganda ng red fiery trees! Scenic naman yung bamboo grove... Galing. Sana ma-experience ko din ang Autumn!

  5. naalala ko nung elem ako yan ang gusto ko puntahan inggit much! kulit ng sementeryo. :)

    ps. ia-add pala kita sa bloglist ko :)

  6. Are the colors really different? Is it because it is autumn? HAHAHAHA I've been wondering how colors can vary per location.

    But anyway, it seems like a very interesting place to visit!

  7. Hello Melvin,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, sometime ago. :)

    Autumn is very beautiful.

    I've experienced winter already. So I'm glad to share na nakakita na ako ng snow. ha ha.. That was your comment in my blog before. It was a very nice experience. But it's so cold. So between the two, I love autumn more. :)

    I'm glad that you experienced / saw autumn in Japan.

    Merry Christmas!


  8. wow! ang galing ng timing mo. ang ganda ng autumn sa Japan Japan! :)
    will definitely attempt to go back there to catch autumn as recommended ng friends ko.

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  10. Hi, i will be traveling to Japan on te third week of november this year. Hmm as i browse your blogs, i notice that we share the same interest/wanna-experience haha. Anyway, could you please share your travel itinerary and some suggestions based on your previous experience? Please i wanna maximize my autumn experience--just like you years ago... :)