Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Pinoy Passport Gets Stamped in Europe!

                      I had not been posting because i hadn't been travelling but the long wait is over, I'm currently in Europe ( in Rome as I'm writing this).This is the biggest trip I've had so far.This was a dream and now that it's happening I can't wait to share all my stories when I get back.For now I need to rest so I'll just post some evidence, I mean pictures of my trip.

                 This was day 1, straight from  a long haul flight from Manila-Amsterdam-Paris (when I say straight from a flight I mean from the airport I took the metro and got off at the Trocadero Station with my backpack with me.I wasn't excited at all to see the tower, not at all.


  1. Wow nice to hear that! And I envy you... you're in Europe now! How many countries? I'm excited to hear your stories though you've been absent for a long time. Cheers for more travels!

  2. Hi Ian.3 countries lang. I visited Paris, Amsterdam,Venice,Florence and Rome.Ikaw kaya mo rin yan may US visa ka nga di ba?

  3. ang taray! thanks sa mga chocolates kuya paler!

  4. hi there! tnx for dropping by my blog. ^0^
    can't wait to read more of your evidence errr... travel series.
    such nice photos btw,
    lucky for you, you get to see Eiffel and had champagne! *envy*.

  5. Enjoy Rome and the rest of Europe! Panira yang trapal na yan sa Arc ah. So now you know how I felt when I saw the Parthenon hahaha

  6. You have a very informative and well-detailed blog here Sir! Very helpful indeed :)